Born in 2018, conceived in 2008. SARAUAE (Space & Rocketry Academy UAE) is a forward-looking company focused on building a future ready generation of children. As a Space and rocketry education organization, we have connected with space education providers and stalwarts across the globe to build an all-inclusive space & stem education facility for students ages 7-18. Currently, SARAUAE runs students’ camps where the interested students learn about various aspects of space exploration, including designing complete space missions, building single and two stage model rockets, conducting various experiments like about bacteria growth in space and many more. The curriculum is inspired by NASA and the close involvement of NASA astronauts, engineers, biologists and pilots have only made the camp most authentic and close to the real astronaut training.
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Dubai students thrilled to receive mail from International Space Station
Jun 12 2019

A group of Dubai students have spent part of their summer communicating with an astronaut living in space. Students who took part in the Space and Rocketry Academy Camp interacted with the commander of the International Space Station (ISS), Drew Feustel.
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Dream rockets soar high in Dubai
Jul 15 2019

The model rocket launch was the finale of the SARAUAE (Space and Rocketry Academy UAE) science camp, organised by Compass International and supported by the UAE Space Agency.
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Nasa experts to inspire students at UAE’s first space camp
Aug 25 2019

A senior Nasa expert will inspire UAE students at the first Space and Rocketry Academy Camp to be held in the country this summer from July 15 to August 23, the UAE Space Agency and Compass International said on Tuesday.
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It was a great achievement for me to explore about space, rockets and learn more about the space explorations. I was really excited to do the scientific..read more

Mansour Mohamed Al Ahbabi
Dubai, UAE

I enjoyed a lot and I learned a lot of new things and my favourite activity was rocket building, as it was a new experience for me to build a rocket ..read more

Adam Said Aly

Before this camp, Hassan was interested to be a pilot, but after the camp he started thinking more about his career opportunities to be an astronaut ..read more

Parent of Hassan Merchant

Simreen enjoyed all the days of the camp. It was very informative and very well organized, all the students are very much excited and are over enthusiastic. ..read more

Parent of Simreen

The camp was so interesting. I learned about the ISS (International Space Station), and came to know that the parts of ISS were contributed ..read more

Aliya Nujum Nawaz

I attended the first SARAUAE online space camp with SGG 11th of July till the 15th of July, and it was an amazing experience! The space camp ..read more

Beesan Osman


Portrait of a Nation:

The intrepid Dubai businesswoman helping UAE children reach for the stars.

From organising trips to space camps abroad, bringing astronauts to the UAE, helping young people build model rockets and setting up the Emirates’ first space camp, Lissy Donald has been campaigning for space education for nearly two decades.



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